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Welcome to Ving!

What if you had a system, designed for everyday use that would vet out exactly what you ought to know about managing your customer, your risk, your team?

Let’s face it most of our day is spent on a quest to secure information, data and answers that deliver insights into anyone of these three areas. The challenge is a big one and very time consuming at that.

The via680 team has literally re-defined information exchange. Ving is our product and it is all about controlled, swift movement of information to drive results and dramatic insights into your day.

Ving is the tool that will help manage your customer, your risk, your team to:

  • Achieve revenue and profitability goals
  • Drive collaboration and optimal outcomes
  • Increase compliance and minimize lost time

Ving delivers a unique and direct connect to customers and colleagues enabling you to interact with information and share feedback that is important to day to day decision making that leads to your overall success.